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New two-tier Mezzanine Floor triples floor space for furniture and carpet retailer James Clery Furniture.

James Clery Furniture has been trading from its address on the Dublin Road in Limerick for over 19 years. A family-run business that had traditionally focused on carpets, hardwood and vinyl flooring, the company took a strategic decision to expand its product line to include domestic furniture.

Expand or Relocate?
The company was faced however by one of its biggest decisions – relocate to new, larger premises or create additional storage at its current address.

Following a space-analysis of its current premises and the floor area required to hold the new stock (for both retail display and warehouse storage), the company took the decision to remain at its present location and maximise the available space.

The Solution
James Clery Furniture contacted Euromech with a view to maximising the available retail space without compromising the open design of the sales area, necessary for furniture and related products.

Euromech designed, manufactured and installed a two-level mezzanine floor with a total floor area of 1,290m². Utilising previously unused overhead space, the mezzanine enabled the creation of 3 new areas within the store:

  • Ground Floor Retail Area: Carpets, sofas and dining tables
  • First Floor Mezzanine: Bedroom furniture
  • Second Floor Mezzanine: Warehousing and general storage

Custom Design
It was vital that the mezzanine was not only functional, assisting customer traffic between the ground and first floor, but also aesthetic and in keeping with the overall design of the store.

The design of the main staircase was crucial in this respect and meets both criteria.

Euromech designed a triple-flight high quality stairway at the entrance of the store leading up to the mezzanine level. Attractive glass-infill balustrades were installed within the handrail on the stairs as well as on the open sections of the mezzanine floor. The stair treads were supplied in oak with a special hardwearing, slip resistant insert. All of which combine to make an extremely attractive and durable finish.

James Clery, Managing Director: “The addition of household furniture to our product range was vital to the future growth of the business, as was the revamp of our existing store. The new mezzanine is the centrepiece of this and I am delighted with the completed fit-out, particularly the staircase which is the focal point for anyone that walks through our doors.”

James Clery, James Clery Furniture